News & Calendar

Important updates & GenDAO calendar

How to help you filter the noise and stay up to date on key happenings in the GenDAO.

Weekly Genesis Community Reports

A great to stay up to date on what is going on in the Genesis DAO community is by reading the weekly reports. This curated digest by the community facilitators will help you filter through the noise and get a quick summary of what has been going on.

The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is an informational channel where Pollinators can post:

  • Proposals for feedback or proposal ideas to collaborate on
  • Event times and upcoming Meetups
  • Call times and working group updates
  • DAOtalk threads for discussion
  • Useful content, articles, presentations, and papers

To POST to the Bulletin Board, you must go to the Discord channel by that name.

To get a live feed of updates posted, you can also see them via this Telegram announcements channel:

The Genesis DAO Calendar