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Community Q&A for newcomers

How to earn reputation in Genesis?

Even though Alchemy is the main interface for the Genesis DAO governance, and submitting/curating/ voting proposals is the protocol for DAOs to collectively manage their resources, the on-chain decision making process covers just the end process of allocating funds and reputation to the community’s participants and their respective projects.

To sustain a thriving ecosystem, the Genesis community need to cover off-chain activities that are not only necessary for the DAO’s development, but also highly valuable overall, as they facilitate community dialogue and alignment. Here’s a list of off-chain based work that you can start right now:

-Transcriptions: Note taking of weekly calls and community meetups.

-Onboarding: Providing useful information for the community, such as indicating the appropriate repositories for a certain project, assisting in technical issues, being helpful with the development of user’s proposals, relaying important updates about the ecosystem.

-Curating: Selecting and aggregating interesting resources that circulate in the ecosystem such as interesting threads that can get lost in social channels, news and thoughtful content from outside the Genesis borders and communicating those in the form of digests, newsletters, forum, blogs and vlogs.

For a comprehensive list of work scopes within Genesis, check our DAO user archetypes thread on DAOtalk.

Join our weekly community calls!

The Genesis DAO community hosts ad-hoc onboarding calls and weekly video calls to connect, update each other, brainstorm and discuss proposal ideas, and more. Joining them is a great way to get connected and find onboarding guidance.

When: Every Tuesday at 5 PM GMT+1 / 11 AM EST / PST

Where: via Zoom at link: https://zoom.us/j/7976264664

Check in the calendar on the right to when our next session is happening.

Top themes for your onboarding journey

Check out and watch the following sessions that we have hosted.

Baby steps to start your own DAO

  • What you need to be able to start your own DAO
  • Learn about different DAO use cases and get feedback on yours!
  • What is possible with the current protocol

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Genesis DAO off-chain: what happens outside the protocol

  • Learn how the community connects, collaborates and gets work done
  • How to make sense of the Genesis DAO culture
  • Get an overview of all key resources you should know about, such as guides, repositories and documentation.

A Beginner's Tech Tour to Alchemy

  • Introduction to Alchemy's basic features
  • How to propose, vote and stake on proposals
  • Understand what's behind the Genesis protocol and Holographic Consensus

The mystery of making your first proposal

  • Understand the different types of proposals that occur in Genesis
  • Get access to key proposal creation resources
  • Create your own proposal during the session!