Working Groups

The way to get stuff done in Genesis

Working groups (WG) are emergent groups by DAO members, working on a specific topic together or sharing knowledge. Anyone can start a working group and each group decides how and on which communication channels it will organize. Working groups will often be temporary, though some will be permanent.

Active Genesis DAO working groups

Communications WG

Purpose: to implement and evolve the communication tools and protocols for the Genesis DAO; Supporting new onboarding initiatives, research and proposal development on how to communicate about Genesis externally (--> to attract more members

Onboarding WG

Purpose: Investigate best practices for onboarding, support the integration and engagement of new members, create a collective list of quests that can help the DAO

Use Case WG

Purpose: Map and investigate concrete applications for DAOs.

Your new WG


  • Communications
    • Join the conversation on discord:
  • Steward:

Inactive/Paused Genesis DAO working groups

Planning WG

Purpose: Investigate how to create and implement strategy in a DAO.

  • Communications
    • Join the conversation on discord:
  • Steward: None, formlerly Ezra. Anyone who wants to restart this group is welcome!

How to start a new working group

To start a new working group, you will need a few things:

1. Choose a name

e.g. "Use Case Mapping", “Open Source Development”

2. Identify leaders/facilitators

who is responsible for ensuring the group makes progress. This person is the contact point for the rest of the community.

3. Define the scope of your group

e.g. "sharing news and insights about impact investing", or "write a blockchain policy whitepaper".

4. Communicate the group exists

so others know where to join in the discussion.

Additional structures that can be useful for running your working group

  • Define Group Membership

Is this a fully open group? How do members join & leave? Is there a named list of the people who are members?

  • Set a rhythm

Define a rhythm of communication for your working group, such as regular calls, written check-ins, sprints, standups or in person meetings.

  • Share updates with the rest of the community

On discord, telegram or weekly pollinator calls to keep people updated on your progress and attract new members

You can use as much of this structure as is useful, these are just suggestions!