The DAOstack and Genesis DAO community host meetups and hackathons all round the world.

To stay posted on upcoming meetups, check our shared calendar and the Genesis Community communication channels.

Want to organize a meetup?

Running a meetup is a great way to start getting involved this the Genesis DAO and have a concrete project to get a proposal funded for on Alchemy.

Our DAOstack Meetup Kit

Our Meetup-kit (below) has key resources and guidance on how to organize one.

DAOstack Meetup Kit

Raise funds for your meetup

Examples of funded meetups

In the past, members of the Genesis Community have often raised funds to pay for the costs of their meetups and events.

In section 2 of the meetup guide, you will find advice on how to create and structure a funding proposal to run a meetup.

Examples of past meetups that have been funded through the Genesis DAO:

  • How to DAO — The first ever event funded by the Genesis DAO, gathered an audience of 60+ members amongst DAOstack Pollinators, DAOstack staff members and attendees during the Berlin Blockchain Week.
  • How to DAO #2 — The second event funded by the Genesis DAO introduced hosted a panel of blockchain and decentralized governance speakers debating the future of DAOs prior to the start of the Web3 summit.
  • How to DAO #3 — Featured a facilitated workshop for the creation of a taxonomy for DAOs through a hands on method developed by the DAOstack Pollinators community.
  • bkDAO meetup—Introduced DAOstack’s Holographic Consensus decentralized governance protocol and the DAOKitchen method to participants interested in fostering Brooklyn’s civic org ecosystem. The event was the first in a series to excite the community and assemble a team to make the bkDAO real.
  • CuraçaoDAO 2-day DAO Workshop—In this 2-day hands on educational workshop the team behind the CuraçaoDAO wants to foster DAO culture by creating a non-tech first DAO, turn the Innovation Ç project into a DAO with the help of the DAOkitchen method and share the insights through a publication at the end of the process.

This Meetup Kit was written by Erik Rodrigues in collaboration with Livia D.

Need help with your first steps?

Get in touch with our Meetup coordinator & supporter:

Livia Deschermayer

@liviade (Telegram)