Community Connectivity

Here is an overview of how the Genesis DAO community connects on a day-to-day basis.

Genesis DAO Community Calls

Every Tuesday at 5 PM GMT+1 / 11 AM EST / PST

via Zoom at link:

Look out for a reminder on the Bulletin board (see below) a day before. This is where we also announce if a call is not happening.

The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is an informational channel where Pollinators can post:

  • Proposals for feedback or proposal ideas to collaborate on
  • Event times and upcoming Meetups
  • Call times and working group updates
  • DAOtalk threads for discussion
  • Useful content, articles, presentations, and papers

To POST to the Bulletin Board, you must go to the Discord channel by that name.

To get a live feed of updates posted, you can also see them via this Telegram announcements channel:

Our 3 main communication channels and how we use them:

DAOtalk Forum

For long, structured discussions by topic that we want to document and be able to come back to.

This is where working groups post regular updates.


A real-time discussion tool (similar to slack). It is especially good tool if you are part of many different conversations and want to keep the overview. That way you don't want to have to join a separate group for each one (which you do on Telegram).


A real-time discussion tool, which is good if you like having discussions on your phone and are not in too many different groups.

Both Discord and Telegram are used for emergent conversations by topic and doing work together, working on proposals before they are put up, following through on them.

!! Each Discord channel is connected to a dedicated Telegram group. To see all messages, you do not have to be on both, you can choose your preference !!